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Integrated system/acquisition system for suspects using iris recognition

This system is a combination of iris biometrics technology and the information management system of the suspects. Using iris biometrics technology, the iris recognition system and alignment modules can be added into the information database of the suspects. Hence, an iris database of a certain scale can be built. The identity of suspects can be determined based on iris information from this database, together with ID cards, fingerprints, DNA, face and other technologies.

Customer value

Solves the issues of unreliability and inaccuracy in regard to fingerprint and facial recognition 

Due to the instability of the fingerprint, a plurality of positive alignments can occur after a verified alignment because of the non-uniqueness problem of fingerprint recognition. Facial recognition is greatly affected by ambient light and the like, which makes faces difficult to be distinguished under all-weather conditions. The face is also easy to be disguised and gradually changes as age increases, leading to a high false recognition rate.


From centralized fixed-point identification to distributed on-site identification 
The current majority of police identity recognition devices are fixed models, hence suspects caught on the crime site need to be brought back to police station for identification, which greatly reduces the efficiency of identification. Wuhan Hongshi Technology Co., Ltd. has developed mobile and compact iris recognition devices for police application, which have designs that are pleasing to the eye as well as being easy to carry for on-site identification.


Achieved cross-regional, cross-sectoral, cross-police information sharing 
The iris database and iris recognition platform shares information across regions, sectors and police, which promotes the security surveillance system, as well as aids in the popularization and promotion of research tactics of the iris recognition system. This platform also creates an innovative police mechanism, reflects iris recognition’s role as a pillar in the public security industry, and continuously improves the system’s level of control. 

Solution details

The device adopts the high-precision iris recognition algorithm and iris biometric identification device, which was researched and developed independently by Wuhan Hongshi Technology. It carries out quick identification of personnel through the established iris database. Compared with existing traditional biometric devices, such as fingerprint and facial identification devices, our device has the advantages of being small-sized, easy to carry, high precision, short recognition time, good stability and not easy to forge. 

Our identification system is composed of hardware device and supporting software. The hardware device consists of both fixed identification terminals and mobile identification terminals. Iris feature alignment is completed on the server cloud and the alignment result is returned to terminal device to complete the authentication.