Safety box

At present, fingerprint identification and password are dominant in safety box companies. However, these companies are moving towards higher security. Compared to other biometric technology, iris recognition technology boasts unique advantages. After the formation of our human iris, it remains unchanged throughout our entire lives, while our fingerprints can easily be worn out with our daily activities and cannot be recognized when wet. Passwords are also easy to break or to be forgotten. Wuhan Hongshi provides complete iris recognition solutions for safety box companies, and under their guidance, manufacturers can easily develop iris safety box products and reach large-scale production
Iris safe

Customer value

  • There are significant differences between the iris safety box and the normal safety box. Safety box companies can integrate novel technology into their products to enhance their brand premium.
  • Development suite for safety box modules has the I2C universal interface to facilitate integration.
  • Development module has a small volume, low energy consumption and fast speed.
  • Wuhan Hongshi Technology also provides the SDK development suite, further simplifying applications.

Solution details

Wuhan Hongshi iris safety box solutions includes the iris module development kit, iris coding recognition module, and safety box development kit. The I2C common interface is used to faciliate integration and the SDK development kit is provided to simplify secondary product development.