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Exit / Frontier checkpoint identity control system

This system integrates iris biometrics technology with border checkpoint management, personnel information management, and other related information. Traveller who register and store iris information in the system can enter or exit the checkpoint after passing the alignment test. Acquisition and recognition processes are both integrated into the iris acquisition terminal. For those who have not registered their iris information into the system, their iris information can be collected and saved into the server, while those whose iris information are already in the system can directly proceed after authentification. In addition, the iris information of suspects, prisoners and smugglers can be collected by hand-held or fixed iris recognition devices and can be combined to generate an database containing differing levels of iris information as well as other related information. This database can be used to quickly identify and locate high-risk personnel when crossing frontiers. The system can also manage daily access information and create statistics reports automatically. Iris recognition devices are characterized by their uniqueness, high precision, high stability and non-contact property. They can effectively prevent information leakage or theft that may cause unauthorized person to cross and/or aid illegal personnel in engaging in illegal activities, etc. Therefore, this sytem strengthens the border management to ensure the safety of border areas.

Customer value

  • Fully automated, without human intervention, automatic query and feedback
  • The system combines personnel’s photos, iris images, and other information to form a comprehensive information system for border inspection.
  • The system uses BS architecture, which can be used in any place that requires remote operation.
  • It provides high security, since it can effectively monitor and save information obtained from entry or exit.
  • It improves the quality of border services and improves foreign perception of the country

Solution details

The border management system consists of an iris acquisition and recognition system, as well as an iris server system. The iris acquisition terminal and iris recognition terminal are installed in the access points for timely collection and recognition.

The iris acquisition/recognition system contains an iris acquisition device and supporting software, so as to integrate the acquisition and identification functions into one. After immigrant officer reviews traveler’s information, the iris collection device captures his iris and ID information , which is then automatically uploaded to the iris database to complete registration. If the traveler has not yet been registered into the system, the iris device captures and registers his iris information, and grants him permission to pass through. For those who have already registered their information, they only need to pass a simple identification test to pass through. This system requires a one-time registration, which can be used for future applications to effectively manage transit time, frequency, and causes.

Furthermore, this system can collect iris information from addiction treatment center, prisons, captured smugglers and separatists, by using hand-held or fixed iris recognition devices to establish iris information databases with different security levels. The database a with high security level is saved in the server, and can used to perform fast iris alignment to screen out high-risk suspects. The entire alignment process can be completed about 1 second.
The iris server system is composed of an iris database server, a web server and an alignment server. This system is installed in the office area, serving as the information foundation of whole management system. It accepts iris registration information from the collecting terminal, and updates and manages iris information from the acquisition/recognition device.