Smart education

In 21st century, information technology has penetrated every aspect of economic development and social life. Smart education management has been adopted by the majority of educational institutions. In particular, in the field of higher education, intelligent education management has reached nearly 100% coverage. Current trends indicate that the smart card is a popular authentication method. However, due to its low security, as well as the risk posed by the fact that the card and not the person is being recognised, it places certain pressure on campus management. Iris recognition is a new type of biometric identification system with high security, high reliability and convenience. At present, some universities have adopted iris recognition authentication methods on campus. For example, Plumsted School of New Jersey, USA, has implemented a iris recognition system in which no documents and cards are needed for all students and staff, greatly reducing the difficulty of campus management. Presently, iris recognition has been applied in multiple scenarios on the campus. As a leading iris recognition manufacturer in China, Wuhan Hongshi has developed different equipment for different usage scenarios. Wuhan Hongshi’s smart education program involves the self-service iris printing system , library self-lending system, public facilities utilization system, attendance check-in system, anti-cheating system and campus access control system