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USB binocular iris module HS-QMOD-ERM302


The HS-QMOD-ERM302 iris code recognition module integrates our self-developed high-precision iris code recognition algorithm with iris coding, alignment and storage capabilities. It has a universal USB3.0 TypeC interface, which can be integrated with all devices with a USB port to capture, encode and transmit iris information. It has no user capacity limit. In the acquisition, a single left or right eyes can simultaneously collect and registrate, and any single or both eyes can be used for identification. Wuhan Hong Technology Co., Ltd. also provides the corresponding SDK suite for simplifying further development and application.

Hs qmod erm300



Collection,codec and alignment (identification) of iris data



USB iris binocular collector, USB iris binocular login device.



  • Iris recognition chip with independent patent
  • Iris recognition solution of pure hardware implementation with high security
  • Quick identification within one second
  • Recognition accuracy is at least one order of magnitude higher than the industry standard
  • High-definition iris image capture
  • High-speed and highly accurate iris image quality assessment


Model :  HS-QMOD-ERM302

Storage capacity of Iris template :  unlimited

Processing time of code identification :  <0.08s

Dimensions:  (L × W × H) 90mm X 58mm X 50mm

Encoding mode :  hardware implementation

Collecting / identification mode :  any eye, either left or right, fixed focal length non-contact

Communication Interface :  USB3.0 TypeC

Power connector :  without other external power source

Voltage :  5V

Current :  670mA

Working distance :  20-50cm (can be customized)

False acceptance rate (FAR) :  0.00001%

False rejection rate (FRR) :  0.1%

Power (MAX) :  <3.5W

Environment requirement :  avoid glare and direct sunlight

Positioning hole :  center distance between two fixed hole on both sides :  12mm, M2 × 4 thread

Infrared auxiliary lighting :  near infrared LED × 2 (available in dark environment)

Operating temperature :  -10℃-55℃

Storage temperature :  -30℃-60℃

Storage humidity :  <80% RH