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I²C binocular iris module HS-QMOD-ERM101


The main features of I²C iris module are iris registration and recognition, and it consists of two components: the iris camera module and the iris codec module. The iris camera module collects iris images, while the iris codec module undergoes iris image processing to generate the iris module, template storage, template deletion and template alignmenting function.

Hs qmod erm100



Iris acquisition, iris coding, template storage, iris alignment, template deletion, and image uploading.



Iris door lockers, Iris safe box, Iris access control system, Iris attendance system, encryption equipment, alignment device of iris acquisition.



  • Adopts iris recognition algorithms developed by our company with independent intellectual property
  • Equipped with world's first iris recognition chip
  • Equipped with hardware of Iris Identification solution, fast and accurate
  • Captures high-definition iris images
  • Recognition accuracy is at least an order of magnitude higher than industry standards
  • I²C common interface to simplify further development and application


Model :  HS-QMOD-ERM101

dimensions :  Camera Size (L × W × H) 73 * 29 * 30mm  Internal board (L × W × H) 65 * 47 * 14mm

Working distance :  20-50cm (can be customized)

False acceptance rate (FAR) :  0.00001%

False rejection rate (FRR) :  0.1%

Lens mount :  M12

Sensor image :  1280 * 800 pixel

Encoding speed :  0.1 seconds

I / O interface :  I²C

Supply voltage :  5V

Supply current :  670mA

Power (MAX) :  <3.5W