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Handheld non-contact iris collector HS-QDEV-CAP100


HS-QDEV-CAP100 based on Hongshi Technology's dry-core iris recognition chip provides the user with a compact and easy-to-use handheld non-contact iris collector. The device can be easily integrated with various security devices via PC, such as educational terminals, bank user terminals, ticketing systems, identity authentication systems, access control equipment.

Hs qdev cap100



Iris acquisition and iris template output, iris image can be output and be input in iris database; identity confirmation through iris query, identification and alignment



  • Equipped with the world's first iris recognition chip
  • Iris recognition solution with pure hardware implementation and ultra-high security
  • Industry's fastest recognition speed
  • Recognition accuracy is at least one order of magnitude higher than the industry standard
  • High-speed and high-quality iris image acquisition
  • High speed and highly accurate iris image quality assessment
  • No user capacity limit
  • Can be integrated with all device with a USB port
  • Functions as Iris registration and alignment
  • Visual operation with its own screen, simple and intuitive
  • TypeC high-speed connection interface.


Model : HS-QDEV-CAP100

Interface : USB3.0 TypeC

Features : iris registration, iris recognition, iris encryption and iris decryption

Power supply : No external power supply

Operation mode : program control

Acquisition mode : non-contact, automatic trigger

Identification mode : single eye, either right or left

Distance : 23-27cm

Distance Indication : Focus frame prompt

Average registration time : <3s

Average recognition time : <1s

User capacity : Unlimited

Algorithm performance : complies with national standards Information security technology. Technical requirements for iris recognition system (GB / T20979-2007)

Iris collection standards : better than international standard of iris image quality ISO/IEC19794-6:2005

Auxiliary lighting standard : 2 * LED, wavelength of 780-870nm, complies with US standard ANSI RP-27.1-96

Operating light intensity : 0-5000Lux

Operating temperature : -20℃ ​​~ 55℃

Operating voltage : 5V

Working power : 3.5W

Size : 76mm × 81mm × 43mm

Weight : 300g

Usage : handheld usage after connecting to PC