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Yi Kaijun,Ph.D
General Manager,CEO
  • Graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
  • Distinguished expert of Hubei, China's "Hundred Talents Program"
  • Worked in Agency for Science, technology and Research in Singapore as well as Philips Electronics of the Netherlands.
  • Strong theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in the areas of electronic design,embedded design, sensor technology, artificial Intelligence (AI) and system design, etc.
  • Responsible for the company's product positioning and product design
Dr.Tomas Fernandes
Deputy General Manager,CTO
  • Graduated from the Department of Theoretical Neuroscience and Computer Science, Goethe University, Germany
  • Expert of Wuhan, China's "3551 Optics Valley Talents Program"
  • Responsible for the development of key algorithms, image processing and machine learning, large-scale biometrics system design and integration, software architecture design, and business model development of innovative technologies
Dr.Gao Junxiong
Deputy General Manager, Chief Engineer
  • Graduated from the Department of Electronic Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  • Has been engaged in the research and development of microprocessors, microcontrollers and FPGA hardware systems, embedded software, high-performance algorithms, high-reliability solid-state devices and.
  • Responsible for the chip development and management, hardware architecture and innovative products

After a decade of devoted research and development, Hongshi Technology has established complete industry chain of iris recognition products from upstream to downstream.The company developed the iris recognition key algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, We are the sole company in China to have transformed software algorithm into chip hardware.Wuhan Hongshi has developed a series of modules based on the iris recognition chip. These modules can be integrated into different solutions for downstream manufacturers in the industry. Manufactures also can develop their own brands of terminal products based on these modules. Based on our strong research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities, we can provide systematic approaches to iris identification for multiple industries.


10-7 FAR
10-3 FRR

The iris recognition algorithm, which was independently developed by Wuhan Hongshi Technology Co., Ltd., is superior to the other algorithms in the market of iris recognition from the aspects of iris recognition, iris coding and iris alignment.

Based on the processing speed (in milliseconds) using Daugman algorithm described in IEEE (2015) of Real-time Iris Location in Mobile Phone Iris Recognition, we conducted extensive tests and found that our algorithms are four times faster than industry standards. Moreover, according to the ICE2005 test results in the ROC curves, which is publicly recognized by the industry, our iris recognition algorithms are superior to the algorithms developed by other research institutions or company in terms of both accuracy and stability.


High speed


1million templates/second

High safety

Image processing,coding,comparision,encryption

in the chip

High integration

Rich external interfaces



Work in different scenatios

Mobile terminal, fixed terminal, high speed comparison...


Ten thousands of precise and accurate in alignments in second level

The high-speed alignment card developed by Wuhan Hongshi provides a cost-effective solution for iris management which contains more than several millions or even ten of millions of iris information

•1,000,000 Templates / Second alignment Speed

•1GB-64GB memories, optional

•Up to 4,000,000 template loading

•Power consumption <15W

•1000Mbps network x2

•High-speed response

•Supports TCP / IP, UDP / IP

Mat pic